How to Handle Insurance Claims for Hail and Storm Damage Insurance

Summer is the time of year when random hit-and-miss storms bring high winds, hail, flooding downpours, lightning, and thunder to our area. In winter it can be ice dams or heavy snow. If you are a homeowner unlucky enough to experience one of these situations, knowing how to deal with the aftermath can make all the difference in getting your life back to normal.

After major wind or hail storm has hit your area, it can be apparent that your home is in need of repair. Missing or torn shingles, dented or scarred siding, cracked windows, and downed gutter spouts can be some or all of the side effects of hundred balls of ice being pelted against your home. If you aren’t sure always call a contractor like True Blue Builders for a free inspection and estimate.

handling insurance claims from storm damage.

Whether reporting storm damage to your property over the phone or through your mobile device, the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) offers the following tips on how to file an insurance claim:

  1. Contact your insurer as soon as possible to begin the process. Provide your insurer with your policy number and the best phone number and email address at which to reach you. After a major storm, insurers visit those with the most severe damage first. Be prepared to provide an accurate description of the extent of the property damage. Explain any special needs of your family, particularly if personal circumstances require that you get priority. Ask your insurer when you can expect to be contacted by an insurance adjuster so you’re ready for the visit. Since adjusters may be in areas in which cellphone towers are damaged, it’s also a good idea to get the phone number of your adjuster’s supervisor so you have additional contact. If you have a flood insurance claim, contact the agent or broker who sold you the policy to start the claims filing process.
  2. Document your loss. The insurance adjuster will most likely inspect the damage to your home, auto, and possessions in order to write a check to help you replace, repair, and rebuild. It’s a good idea to take photographs and document the details of damaged items, including the date of purchase and approximate value—and collect receipts if you have them. Many companies will ask you to submit an inventory of the items.
  3. Check with your insurer before discarding damaged items and materials. You will generally need to show storm-damaged items to your adjuster. If, however, you’re required by your local municipality to discard them for safety reasons, take photographs to help with the claims process.
  4. Sign up for SMS/text alerts. Many insurance companies use SMS/text message alerts that will notify you of the status of your claim. You will receive text messages on your phone when you first report your claim, when your estimate is available, and when a payment has been sent.
  5. Know what emergency services are available. In the event you need emergency services, such as removing water from your home, covering your roof, or boarding up windows or doors, many companies will dispatch an approved emergency services company to protect your home from further damage. If your home has sustained severe damage, making it unlivable, your homeowners’ insurer will provide you with a check for additional living expenses.
  6. Keep a claim diary. Good record-keeping is important when filing a claim. Make a list of everyone you speak to about your claim. Note their name, title, and contact information. Also, keep track of the date, time and issues discussed. The more organized you are, the simpler and easier the claims process will be.

Chris/True Blue helped us negotiate with our insurance company after we received their original estimate. Chris provided documented damage to them they had not included in their original settlement, and negotiated on our behalf.  This ensured that our house repairs were comprehensive.

The weather was very uncooperative when we wanted to complete our house repairs.  Chris/True Blue made sure their crew was available every working day possible, completing the project prior to the worst of winter settling in.  

Despite significant damage during an August 2013 storm, our home was thoroughly repaired in a short amount of time.  It is beautiful, and the craftsmanship and materials impeccable.

Chris got back to us within minutes/hours every time we contacted him.  He embodied a high level of customer service and professionalism.

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Of course, if you don’t want to deal with the insurance company – let us do it for you. We are experts who work directly with your insurance company as part of the repair process. We will take that worry off your mind.

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