What is Siding and What Does It Do?

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Siding refers to the material that is intended to protect the exterior side of a house, building, or wall. This material is similar to a roof, its intent is to form the first line of defense against environmental factors like wind, rain, heat, cold, and snow. It makes the inside of your home more comfortable and suitable for living.

Siding is available in different styles, and this can help give your home a more elegant appeal. Siding is available in different material types such as Plastic, Stone, Wood, Thatch, Brick, Asphalt, Metal, and Composite. Masonry and Insulate. Siding is a weather-resistant material, but sometimes damage can occur.

We will do our best to repair the siding without the need for a Full Siding replacement. Especially if it’s only a small localized area affected by the damage. However, if siding replacement is needed, we will be sure to inform you of the best available prices and help you select siding that will enhance the beauty of your home.

Siding Repair

Steps for Siding Repair/Replacement

  • We first assess the damage by evaluating the damaged siding to see what level of damage has occurred and if any parts of the building can still be used.
  • Then we remove any bad siding in a clean manner so that the newly installed siding fits together correctly with no obvious defects. We will also assess the siding to make sure there were no other damages related to termites.
  • Next, we apply a new underlayment of siding that complies with manufacturer specifications and code enforcement. Once completed the area will look natural as if it was never repaired.
  • Lastly, we finish up with caulking and cover with paint to it properly sealed. However, Vinyl Siding does not require paint.

Siding Reviews St Paul, Minneapolis, and all Twin Cities Suburbs

True Blue replaced the siding on our 1950’s house and did a great job.  They were easy to work with, and very prompt when responding to my concerns and questions.  Chris helped work with the insurance adjuster, inspectors, and insurance reps, taking away alot of the stress.  They offered suggestions but were never insistant or pushy, they always listened.  

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The Jacobsens

St Paul

At True Blue Building we make it our mission to provide excellent quality work that is based solely on our customer’s needs. Call us today to get an Estimate for Siding Repair or Replacement for your home or business.